Fast Fact:
When not geeking out with his collection of working vintage film cameras or obsessing over his sourdough starter and baking bread, Gabriel enjoys spending time with his wife and children at his home in the Pacific Northwest.


Gabriel Alvarado-Marin
Graphic Designer 

“Though I wish I had a ‘Make Amazing Design’ button on my keyboard, in reality the bulk of the design process happens away from the computer. Sometimes I can lean on my experience and create something quickly, but many times it takes several iterations on a simple sheet of paper before I even fire up the Mac.”

Gabriel is a multidisciplinary creative with over a decade of diverse experience in graphic design, web design, illustration, front-end development and motion graphics. Deeply rooted in the Silicon Valley business landscape, he has worked for Visa, the SETI Institute, NASA, and Pernix Data. He also ran his own design studio for several years, specializing in helping Bay Area startups such as Diamanti, MemSQL, Sonatus and Nutanix with graphic design and art direction. Additional clients included Presidio Ventures, Santa Clara University, Eclipse Foundation and Sumitomo.

Having worked in high-pressure roles either as lead designer, solo designer, or as part of large creative teams, Gabriel understands the process at the different points in the creative pipeline, and brings a mindset of learning and experimenting and trying different tools when it suits the project.

Gabriel has a BFA in animation from the Academy of Art University, in San Francisco.