Beth Boyter

Fast Fact:
Beth is a member of Big Brothers Big Sisters and enjoys spending time with her little. She is a fierce defender of her garden (squirrels beware). She enjoys traveling with her daughter and has saved her from falling into Horseshoe Canyon and out of a hot-air balloon in Amish country.

Beth Boyter
Contract Manager 

“I thoroughly enjoy working in Spire’s fast-paced, challenging environment. Each day is full of opportunities to make a contribution and create change. Team members at Spire take pride in their work and it shows. We make a difference.”

Beth Boyter has over 20 years of experience in accounting and business management. As the office manager, Beth provides broad human resources, financial and management support for the agency.

Prior to joining Spire Communications, Beth held various positions within Manpower and Reserve Affairs, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, serving as an accountant for MCCS Finance, a budget analyst for multiple programs within the Personal and Family Readiness Division, and a program analyst for the Children, Youth and Teen Programs. She has also served as an accountant in the private sector.

Beth has been certified as a public accountant and is currently working on her Masters in Business Administration. Beth received a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Louisiana Tech University.