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Every day, our federal clients astound and challenge us with innovative programs that benefit people in the U.S. and around the world. The missions we support – healthcare, international development, national security – are engines for progress and peace.


Your goals are our goals

We are committed to helping transform society and science for the betterment of citizens and humanity as a whole.

Challenge the status quo

Modern government programs deserve modern communications strategies. We can help you successfully communicate about innovations and programs that improve people’s lives.

Connect with citizens and stakeholders

Reach all your audiences – members of Congress, potential industry partners, the citizens you serve, and more – where they are. We design and deliver campaigns and tactics that drive measurable progress.

Engage audiences to promote change

Break through the noise of modern life and business as usual. Let us design and execute the strategy that informs, educates, and promotes real change.

Deliver services efficiently

Citizens expect digital experiences that make their lives easier. Let us help your agency deliver on those expectations while meeting your strategic goals.

Often embedded with agency personnel, Spire’s expert communicators help federal agencies promote their work, connect with their target audiences, and drive behavior change.

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Spire Communications Client ARPA-H
AHRQ - Spire Communications Client
CDC - Spire Communications Client
Spire Communications Client - CMS
DARPA - Spire Communications Client
DHA - Spire Communications Client
DHS - Spire Communications Client
DOD - Spire Communications Client
DOE - Spire Communications Client
HHS - Spire Communications Client
Navy - Spire Communications Client
ONC - Spire Communications Client
USAID - Spire Communications Client
Veterans Affairs - Spire Communications Client

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