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The federal government is a market like no other – one that includes every vertical from healthcare to finance and has its own culture and language. Whether you are a contractor with 50 years of federal experience or a company just breaking into it, you need a communications partner fluent in government. Spire is that partner.
Our unwavering commitment to the federal market will be a significant asset to you in your marketing efforts.

Government is our native language

We support contractors of all sizes, from large consulting firms with decades of history in federal and state government, to small businesses looking for their first contract. Regardless of your footprint, our service level remains the same.

Stand out in the market

To compete in govcon, you need high-caliber communications and marketing. Showcase your value with smart strategies and digital and print assets that differentiate your message.

Resonate with clients

Every touchpoint with federal personnel matters. Let us help you define, design, and deliver communications that speak to their challenges and effectively demonstrate your solutions.

Build trust through consistency

Capture new clients and deepen your work with existing ones by presenting a consistent brand and message. Get the solid strategy and creative tactics you need to drive the customer journey.

Model the efficiency you market

Your clients expect efficient service delivery, and so should you. We work smart to minimize revision cycles so your SMEs can focus on your clients.
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ASRC - Spire Communications Client
Accenture - Spire Communications Client
ADV - Spire Communications Client
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Dinocrates - Spire Communications Client
Draper - Spire Communications Client
EMI Advisors - Spire Communications Client
Groundswell - Spire Communications Client
Integrity Management Consulting - Spire Communications Client
Spire Communications Client - Newwave
Oracle Cerner - Spire Communications Client
Savan Group - Spire Communications Client

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