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Health IT may be the most complex technology market there is. It’s heavily regulated, deeply technical, and emotionally resonant. It’s also crowded.
Spire has more health IT and interoperability experience than any other marketing and communications agency. Our clients aren’t just operating in health IT – they’re fundamentally reshaping it for the benefit of patients across the country.

Industry veterans at your service

Our clients include health IT regulators, health agencies, private-sector vendors and implementers, and nonprofit stewards.

Carve your niche

In a complex market rife with overlap, differentiation is key. We know the landscape and can help you define and claim a space within it.

Send the right signals

Navigating the health IT space can be daunting. We craft comms strategies that minimize risk and maximize success by articulating your alignment with key policies and standards.

Reach your targets

Your audience is not a monolith. Each segment has its own needs and preferences. We can help you reach regulators, agency clients, healthcare providers, payers, patients, and caregivers.

Transcend the acronyms

Health IT is rife with jargon. Some of your audiences get it and some don’t. Work with a team who speaks acronym when it helps, and knows when – and how – to translate when it doesn’t.

You need a partner who knows when, why, and how to communicate.

Spire Communications for Healthcare IT
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Federal<br> Agencies

Federal<br> Agencies

“LUKE” Arm System Video and Social Media

We worked with DARPA to showcase the prosthetic “LUKE” arm system designed and developed by DEKA Research and Development Corporation for DARPA. This video was one of the Agency’s most viewed videos for 2017 on the DARPA YouTube channel.
Item Two

Item Two

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Item Three

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Item Four

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Select heath IT clients

Accenture - Spire Communications Client
AHRQ - Spire Communications Client
Apprio Health - Spire Communications Client
Carequality - Spire Communications Client
Centralis Health - Spire Communications Client
Clinovations Gov + Health - Spire Communications Client
Kno2 - Spire Communications Client
GDHP - Spire Communications Client
The Gravity Project - Spire Communications
Draper - Spire Communications Client
eHealth Exchange - Spire Communications Client
ONC - Spire Communications Client
RCE - Spire Communications Client
Onyx - Spire Communications Client
The Sequoia Project - Spire Communications Client

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