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For agencies and contractors in defense and aerospace, PR and marketing demand careful balance. Your work is deeply technical, and your mission is often highly sensitive.

Spire gets it. We know how to promote innovative R&D capabilities and technologies, while safeguarding national security. More than half of our team members hold security clearances, and we understand and respect your approval processes.


We’ve earned our stripes

We’ve managed DARPA’s public affairs and social media for 12 years and counting. We provide strategic communications for organizations including the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory and its Army Research Office directorate, and multiple defense and aerospace contractors.

Modernize your message

The defense and aerospace markets are crowded, and business as usual is a thing of the past. Stand out with differentiated messaging that speaks directly to your target audiences.

Market your mission

Government and industry organizations working in defense and aerospace can’t sit back and wait to be found. Ensure your potential partners, customers, and funders (including Congress) understand your capabilities.

Drive tech transfer

Federal agencies, commercial firms, and commands need your innovations. Showcase their potential applications through video, animations, and events to ensure your R&D is adopted to impact national security.

Coordinate across partners

Collaboration is a hallmark of great science and engineering. We routinely create coordinated communications plans to reinforce and elevate messages for all contributors.

Get the details right

To resonate in your market, communications must reflect the right jargon, uniform standards, and insignia. With experience spanning all service branches, our team gets it right the first time.

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