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Marketing and Storytelling for the Applied Sciences


Draper is a nonprofit R&D laboratory renowned for pivotal innovations in engineering. The company tackles our nation’s most technologically complex challenges in strategic systems, space exploration, and health.

Draper’s history is vast. Its capabilities stretch the bounds of current knowledge in navigation and control, GPS, rad-hard electronics, autonomy, biotechnology, and more.

When Draper’s marketing leaders seek content support, they need communicators who can keep up – going broad and deep into highly technical subjects.

That’s why they call Spire.

Marketing Capabilities in Biotechnology

Capturing Key Commercial Value Props

Draper’s client base includes pharma, medical device, chemical, and energy manufacturers. What these clients need isn’t one-size-fits-all commodity services. They need deep technical expertise and highly customized solutions.

To identify market differentiators, Spire combed through strategy decks and technical articles to prep interview questions for Draper business leads and subject matter experts.  

Working closely with our client, we developed copy to showcase capabilities and highlight potential applications of Draper’s novel biotechnologies.

50th Anniversary Book

Capturing a Decade of Engineering Innovation

When Draper celebrated 50 years as an independent nonprofit, it was time to update its organizational history. Faced with a tight production timeline, Draper turned to Spire.

Our team of writers and editors:

  • Interviewed a dozen subject matter experts
  • Sourced details from press releases, technical articles, and other materials
  • Wrote, edited, and proofed 75+ pages of copy, managing multiple rounds of revisions

…all within the deadline.

The resulting copy tells the story of Draper’s many and diverse breakthrough innovations – including missile guidance, biotechnology, microelectronics, autonomous systems, and space exploration.

Design credit: Draper

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