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Driving Adoption of Telehealth Services by Military Providers & Families


The Military Health System (MHS) is among the largest healthcare providers in the nation, caring for approximately 9.6 million active-duty service members, beneficiaries, retirees, and their families.

To better serve such a large and geographically dispersed population, DHA launched MHS Video Connect, which offers patients and practitioners a secure, safe, and convenient way to meet in a “virtual medical room.”

Spire was tasked with building awareness about the value of the new telehealth system and to help drive participation among patients and providers.


Defense Health Agency


Military Health System Video Connect



Creating an identity for MHS Video Connect

Our design-led approach began with branding and a visual identity to integrate all campaign materials. 

The logo, tagline, typography, and colors emphasized the concept of connectivity and aligned with existing DHA and MHS brands.

MHS Video Connect Branding and Logo Design

A holistic strategy to reach all audiences

Our team mapped out a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach patients and providers. Targeted messaging focused on the convenience of MHS Video Connect to encourage adoption. 

Tactics spanned all DHA channels, including web ads, social media posts, and internal communications.

Leveraging trust in leadership

Spire scripted, storyboarded, and produced a series of short promotional videos to introduce the new service and to show patients and providers how it works. Using an interview format, we leveraged the confidence that military personnel and families invest in leadership and rank to underscore the message.

These videos gave patients and providers a clear explanation – in the voice of people they trust – of how MHS Video Connect could help them.

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