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Taxonomy for Government Websites: 5 Tips for Getting It Right

Taxonomy for Government Websites

Structuring a government website is a unique challenge. Agencies themselves are a blend of traditional hierarchy and matrixed authority. The people they serve are many and varied. And much of their work is highly technical or complex. Despite these intersecting complexities, an agency website must make its services, programs, and resources easy to find. Rising […]

The Best in Federal Social Media: Must-Follow Government Feeds

At Spire, we’re passionate about helping clients truly connect with their audiences. While traditional comms remains important as ever, social media offers unique opportunities to reach people where they are, tell compelling stories, and create a genuine conversation. This is as true in the federal space as it is in industry. Public sentiment about the […]

Vision and Innovation by the People, for the People

Spire Communications for Government

Insights Vision and Innovation by the People, for the People EXPLORE As someone who’s worked with federal agencies for more than 15 years, I often find myself in conversations about government. Not politics, but government. What it does, whether it’s working, and what we, as Americans, are getting for our taxpayer dollars. When I ask […]