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Military Embeded Systems

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Information Blocking Rule Expands to Cover Electronic Designated Record Set

Aviation Week

DARPA Funds Radio And Microwave Filters To Protect Against Jamming

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DARPA Is Experimenting With Giving Driverless Combat Vehicles Off-Road Autonomy

DARPA Sends the RACER Fleet Vehicles on a New Series of Field Tests on Rougher Terrain

DARPA Tests Robotic Vehicles That Can Keep Up With Human Drivers

DARPA Launches Program to Create AI Capable of Environment-Driven Conceptual Learning

DARPA Launches BRIDGES Pilot Program to Expand Pool of Small Companies for Classified Defense Projects


DARPA Kicks off 2nd Field Experiment for Off-Road Autonomous Vehicles

DARPA Begins Second Field Experiment Under RACER

DARPA Launches New Program to Let Small Innovators Behind the Classified Curtain

Agencies Look for Input on No Surprises Act Good Faith Estimate Rules