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Legislative Affairs

Legislative Affairs Federal agencies have a duty – and a very real need – to communicate with policymakers. Our elected representatives hold immense sway over agency priorities and funding. Responding to inquiries and delivering formal reports aren’t enough. To maintain legislative and budgetary support for missions, programs, and initiatives, it takes proactive, coordinated outreach. EXPLORE […]

Connecting with Internal Audiences Using External Comms Techniques

Three coworkers speaking in a hall about communications strategies.

Generally speaking, government agencies do a pretty good job of sharing their messages with the public. Think about the safe driving campaigns run by transportation agencies, the Amber alerts issued by local law enforcement, the DEA’s anti-drug use efforts, or the National Weather Service’s alerts for floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes. The same cannot always be […]

Internal Communications

Spire Service - Internal Communications

Internal Communications Employees can do more for your success than anyone else – if they’re engaged in the mission. Great organizations know that staff communication is the linchpin of the employee experience. Keeping them informed keeps them engaged and excited, making them effective advocates for your brand. EXPLORE Spire can help Working with executives and […]